Unique Races and Planar Qualities of Rh'Tea

Ashaendarei and the chaos elves

- The Arrival of the Chaos Elves

Unique Races and Planar Qualities of Rh’Tea

Aetheric-Infused Creatures

Elven Shapes

The elves of Rh’Tea are highly attuned to the realm and, like the unusual dwarven races, take on certain aspects of their calling. The Chaos Elves are the most unique and are detailed below, but all elves at the heart of the multiverse are shaped by arcane forces.

The Wood/Wild Elves

  • Keladr’rhem – function as the most basic wood or wild elves in the main D&D handbooks with little to no mechanical changes. In-game, these elves are the most attuned to the ley lines and spiritual fluctuations of the Aether within Rh’Tea. As such, the People of the Wood abhor abominations to the natural order such as undead and creatures of the Far Realm. The most prominent group of Wild Elves live in the Rennish Wyld (Riven Wood) in close proximity to Khymer’s Rest, home of the Phoenix Lord. The two groups, humans and elves, have a standing agreement not to encroach upon one another’s domain that has not been breached since the foundation of the city. The Wild elves are ruled by Elora, Hierophant of the Verdant Circle and worship the Aspect of the Wild, Sylvana, at the heart of the Riven Wood. Sylvana’s Herald is the unique elf, Grey, the Hunter.

The Shadow Elves

  • Sadish’rhem – these elves are the “drow” of Rh’Tea, though they function mechanically more like Moon/Silver elves in terms of creation. The People of the Night revere the Tower above all else. The Tower is rumored by outsiders to be the home of the most notorious assassins, theives, and ne’er-do-wells in the entire world. In fact, it is home to and operated by the nobles of the Shadow Elves. The more ancient of these elves have established various Houses each focused on differing aspects of the Tower (assassination, thievery, information, arcane and divine magic, etc.). The Tower welcomes other races on a rare basis and only those that are skilled beyond most others. The Tower and the Shadow Elves function on a sort of Oriental mysticism. Their teachers are called sensei, their studies called Paths, and they possess a unique sense of honor revering the skill of the practitioner above nearly all else.

The Sun-Blessed

  • Helosha’rhem – these elves are basically the Gold elves/Sun Elves for mechanical purposes. No real background here as of yet.

Chaos Elves – The Kaovish’rhem

  • Chaos elves are an unusual race not-native to Rh’Tea – one of the few large groupings of creatures to mass-migrate here from another plan. The Chaos elves were once normal elves from a different Prime Material Plane that were banished into the Primordial Chaos from which all the elements were made.

While in the Primordial Chaos, these elves slowly began to devolve/evolve into something far different. Each took on different aspects of the world around them and began to exhibit highly unusual physical characteristics.

At some point, the former lieutenant of the High King Conn, Ashardalon, was banished to the Primordial Chaos as well. Ashardalon was a massive red dragon of exceptional age, but even he was no match for the swirling chaos roiling about him. He was changed and became far more dangerous and powerful. The Chaos elves encountered the Great General at the height of his power within the Primordial Chaos and began to worship him as the epitome of creative achievement.

During the era of the Shadow King (roughly two centuries prior), some of the Chaos elves escaped the Chaos and entered Rh’Tea. They spent a vast sum of time weakening the barrier around the world and eventually succeeded in opening a portal large enough for their entire race and the Great General, Ashardalon, to return.

Note: For more detail, see the Timeline.

  • Mechanics:
    - Chaos elves are a +1 level adjustment.
    - Chaos elves start with a +2 to any trait.
    - Chaos elves may, as a move action, sight-telport (must be able to see the end location) up to 30’. Afterwards, they may not use their ability again for 1d4 rounds.
  • Appearance:
    - Chaos elves that have come back to Rh’Tea have slowly begun to maintain a singular appearance, but, as a race, they are as varied as they are numerous. No two Chaos Elves can be said to look exactly alike. They run the gamut from massive and physically powerful to slender, athletic and agile. They can have any color eyes and hair, sometimes mixing clashing colors into a weird mix.
    - Chaos elves do have one common physical trait: scars. During their time in the Primordial Chaos, the race obtained an unusual physical malady. They shift, violently, physically and mentally as they grow through adolescence. This shifting is so violent that it can leave scars in the mind and the body.


- The Aged Dwarf Katan, Lord of Granite

The Unique Nature of Dwarves

Physical Appearance:
Dwarves in Rh’Tea are especially attuned to the planet’s aetheric core. No matter their original type, as dwarves age they begin to take on physical qualities relating to a geological type. Most simply begin converting to a type of stone such as marble or granite. Others begin to take on a sheen of special metals such as gold or platinum. Each dwarf ages differently, but all begin to exhibit an unusual rocky hardness on their skin and slowness in their movements. If allowed to live to a ripe old age, dwarves in Rh’Tea will eventually “die” by turning still as a statute made of their material.

Religious Connotations:
Dwarves worship their ancestors via divine and arcane magic and psionics. They traditionally place the solidified, yet technically still alive former active dwarves in places of honor and commune with them via powers. Some of the most powerful or legendary dwarves actually grow in size as statues and are in particularly prominent places of power. It is said that these dwarves are so closely tied to the aetheric core of the planet that they become a nexus of energy and grow.

Any dwarf entering a new age category gains Reduction 4/- and their movement slows by 5’ in addition to the normal benefits/penatlies of aging.

Note: This can be altered a little if the PC wishes to be a specific type of metal or rock.

Unique Races and Planar Qualities of Rh'Tea

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