The People of Rh'Tea

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The People of Rh’Tea

Stone dwarves

The Stone Dwarves

Stone Dwarves are a race unique to Rh’Tea. On average, they are about the same height and build as any other dwarven race (about 4 ½ feet and very broad, weighing as much as a much taller human). However, the Stone Dwarves are bound to the physicality of Rh’Tea itself and each Clan takes on special qualities aligning to its patron mineral.

As Stone Dwarves age their bodies begin to slow and harden and they take on the appearance of their Patron Mineral. They live on average up to four centuries and by this time their entire bodies become solid stone. The Stone Dwarf elders do not die, but instead become statues holding the intelligence and knowledge of the former dwarf. Most Stone Dwarf Clans build special Halls or Vaults to house their most precious treasure: their living ancestors. Special Rune Arcanists and Divine Casters are capable of speaking to the Stone and the Stone Dwarf reverence is reserved for Ancestor Worship.

The most powerful known Stone Dwarf Ancestor is Moradin, second only to the First Dwarf, lost long ago to the Pyramid of Shadows.

The known Clans are as follows:

• The Granite Clan, led by Lord Katan and allied with the Black Company; Gendan the Bard is a member; the Granite Clan are re-establishing a Lost Kingdom under the Barrowlands in an effort to relearn ancient secrets.
• The Onyx Dwarves are not truly a clan, but scattered remnants of the Wizard-Artificer Vazaeryn’s power; the Onyx Dwarves hold the secrets to crafting Warforged and other great mechanical beings, but guard them jealousy.
• The Pyramid Dwarves are an ancient and hated Clan that once followed the Mechanus; their patron includes the First Stone Dwarf and each of them are corrupted to take on the material of the Pyramid of Shadows itself.
• There are other Stone Dwarf Clans, but none have risen to prominence during the past few hundred years.

The People (Elves)

The Elves of Rh’Tea are few and far between, each group of the People suffering some form or another of catastrophe over the years. No one knows from where the original Elves came, but their time has long since passed. Only one major group exists today. Elves are slender, slightly smaller and lighter than most humans, but their features run similar to others of their kind. Elves live centuries, some as long as a full millennia, and live life at a much slower pace than the rest of the mortal races. Some few elves reach out into the world for a time in order to understand what they have lost.

The Rhem, or the People, as they call themselves, are broken up into a few small groups:

Wild elves

The Keladr’rhem (People of the Wood), are the only remaining nation of elves upon Rh’Tea. They live in the Rennish Wyld (the Riven Woods) around a great city that guards the Heart of the People. The Heart is a tree of enormous power that houses the Living Goddess Ehlonna. The Wild Elves are aristocratic in nature, but their rank and file tend towards a zest for the wild unmatched by any other race.

The Keladr’rhem are ruled by a Queen, Elora (now Flameheart), and a Hierophant Council (the Verdant Council) of Druids. They are closely allied to the human people of Aricia in a political alliance that goes back to that country’s founding.

Moon elves

The Luna’rhem are the last remaining members of the Moon Elf Race and are by far the smallest faction of elves within Rh’Tea. Less than a hundred remain and all known, with the exception of the missing Grey, are aligned with the Tower of the Night. The Luna’rhem (the People of the Moon) operate the Tower in a long-standing pact with a creature of the Shadowfell. The Tower serves as an Assassin’s Guild and has its hands in every nefarious group or faction across the continent.

The Tower of the Night is known for an Oriental aspect. Most of its leaders are sensei, its preferred method of combat a deadly type of martial arts. What could only be termed Ninja reside within its depths and secrets of unusual nature are kept within the Tower Vaults.

Chaos elves

The Kaovish’rhem (The People Out of Chaos), are the scattered remnants of the Hellsworn Legion. Centuries ago, the majority of the Luna’rhem bound themselves to the General, Ashardalon, and were punished for their temerity by being sent into the Primordial Chaos with their patron. For 200 years these elves were twisted and warped by their time within the Chaos and what emerged was far different than what went in.

The Chaos Elves vary wildly in appearance. Each of them undergoes a painful adolescence in which their bones, their muscles, and every fiber of their being warps and twist out of shape. Each Chaos Elf has scars from this time that some will hide and others will bear proudly.

There is no nation of Chaos Elves as most choose instead to live life alone. The Kaovish’rhem are the only known elves to not have a Noble House established in either the Courts of the Feywild or the Feydark.

Dark elves

The Duava’rhem (People of the Dark) are the most recently discovered of the People. The Duava are unknown to the majority of Rh’Tea and believed to be aligned to the Shadowfell in some fashion or another. Others believe that they come from the Feydark and comprise a race of elves otherwise unknown to the rest. Only the other nations of Elves know for sure about the origins of the Duava and they are not speaking.


The race of humans is as different upon Rh’Tea as it is anywhere else in the Multiverse. Instead of speaking of them as different races, the humans listed below are aligned into political groups and factions.

Jeweled peoples

The Jeweled Peoples are humans from the Five Jeweled Cities on the southwestern coast known as the Fingers. Each of the Five Jeweled Cities (Beryl, Opal, Onyx, Malachite, and Ruby) are so-named because of the magical crown or artifact of authority that their Elector carries. The people of each city tend to wear clothing and dye their hair the colors of their respective jewels. These humans share a distinct tanning of skin and dress lightly in free-flowing cloth due to the heat of the region.


The Connen, or the Red People, are humans from the far northern city of New Connen living under the rule of the Red King Risen. They are known for their hearty stature, physical prominence, and larger size. It is believed by some that the humans of this region have considerable orcish blood travelling through their veins causing them to grow stronger. The Red People are known for their braided hair with red tint honoring their Crimson King.


Aricians are humans from the southern kingdom of Aricia, home to both Phoenix Hold and Khymer’s Rest. They are a hearty people used to living near the densest parts of the Riven Woods and the Wild Elves. They tend towards stocky, earthy appearance and have dark hair and eyes. Aricians are unified under a series of noble rulers who all attend a Council in Khymer’s Rest. Phoenix Hold is the military capitol of Aricia and home to the largest fighting force in the land.

Additionally, the Ixyela province is home to the College of Magic and houses secrets of magic long thought lost in other places. The College is defended by Warforged placed their long ago by Vazaeryn, ally of the Phoenix Lord. Finally, Khymer’s Rest itself is known for its vertical architecture. Having long ago made a pact with the Wild Elves never to expand outwards into their woods, the people of Khymer’s Rest were forced to build upwards into the sky. The city is also known for its special spirits, a drink brewed from the unusual Avor Berry.


The Nexish are humans living in or around the great metropolis of Nexus in the center of Rh’Tea. Nexish people are as varied as the grains of sand on the beach of the Crystal Lake it resides upon. The Metropolis is home to an Embassy housing an Ambassador from each of the recognized political authorities within Rh’Tea. Not all of these Ambassadors represent kingdoms or cities. For example, the Black Company hold an Ambassador position within the city as does Aricia, the Jeweled Cities, and several Orcish and Warforged factions.

The description of the humans here tends towards forward-thinking city design and praises high fashion. Unusual dress mixes with practicality and purpose to create a unique design that could only come from The City.

Golden brook

The Residents of Golden Brook and the students at the Atwood Academy are perhaps the most unusual of human people in all of Rh’Tea. Aetheric Technology, the scientific and mathematical study of magic and the Aether, originated here. The Rule of Law is prominent and the country is ruled by what many might consider a harsh set of rules that seems to keep the peace at all times.

Aetheric Studies are so prominent here that nearly every resident from the highest noble to the lowest peasant or farmer are capable of utilizing some form of magic. Everyone knows basic spells to rid themselves of refuse, clean their homes and persons, help crops grow, and so on.
The dress here tends towards a conservative bent with long robes and fashionable cloaks being prominent. Many pattern themselves after the teachers at the Academy and small cult followings will arise around them. For example, Minister Boland, the powerful half-orc/half-elf leader of the region has inspired a shirtless and rugged style of dress uncommon to the rest of the region.

There are a great many more individual groups of human civilizations across Rh’Tea that each warrant their own descriptions, but none are as large as those listed above.

Other races

Other Races

There are many other races that reside upon the lands of Rh’Tea, but they are not different enough from other campaigns to warrant a specific reference here. Just about anything that can be found in a regular campaign may be utilized in Rh’Tea.

The People of Rh'Tea

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