Character Creation

The high king  the queen of blood  shadowmistress

- High King Conn the Undefeated, the Blooded Queen and the Shadowmistress

Character Rules (Creation and Ongoing)


What Can You Use to Make a Character?

Any official Dungeons and Dragons material. No 3rd party sources (like the book of feats or book of prestige classes). Feel free to make any race or class combination within reason. Please understand that the character needs to be fun to play, fun for others to interact with and not fucking retarded.


  • Start = 6th
  • Experience = There will be none. I will determine when you level and it will likely occur every three to four sessions (or more, depending on the pace of the game).

Ability Scores

  • Choose one score to start at 18 (before racial modifiers).
  • All other ability scores will be generated with a modified Point Buy System. The other five will start at 8 and you will have an initial pool of 40 points with which to raise them (costs listed below).
Ability Purchase Cumulative
Score Cost Cost
8 0 0
9 +1 1
10 +1 2
11 +1 3
12 +1 4
13 +1 5
14 +1 6
15 +2 8
16 +2 10
17 +3 13
18 +3 16

Once the six basic ability scores have been created, they may be further modified by racial adjustments and other factors.

Class Restrictions

You may make almost anything you want, within reason. However, you will not have more than two different classes (prestige or multiclass) until reaching level 8. In addition, if you enter a prestige class I will restrict you to staying in that class or the original class unless you have an exceptional reason for starting up yet another class or prestige class in game. I am very open to allowing you to move around in terms of classes, but I want you to be aware that it needs to have justification, not just min/maxing.

Example of Good: Rogue 3/Fighter 3; then, later Rogue 3/Fighter 3/Duelist 4

Example of Bad: Rogue 2/Ranger 2/Fighter 4/Duelist 2/Kensai 4/Blah Blah You get the point goddammit.

Starting Equipment

  • 13,000 gp

Purchase any equipment you wish, but understand that I have full veto power if you choose to get crazy or simply min/max everything into oblivion. Try to have at least a few items that could have been just “randomly found” instead of tailor made to the character.

Character Creation

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