A Timeline of Rh'Tea

Arcane timeline

A Timeline of Rh’Tea

• The Origin of the Universe
• The Creation of Rh’Tea

0, the Year of the Founding
• The Pyramid of Shadows arrives
• Conn the Undefeated establishes the Empire

27, The Year of Blooded Armies
• Conn marries the Blooded Queen and takes command of the North

32, The Year of Soft Shadows
• The Shadowmistress arrives within the Empire and becomes the Royal Consort
• The Legions are established and the Banners are created

39, The Year of the General
• Ashardalon is subdued by the High King and becomes the Marshall-General of the High King’s armies.
• The Hellsworn Legion is created; it has no banner

45, The Year of Tranquility
• Mogesh, the Violent Death, becomes a Living God and race of Trolls become intelligent

48, The Year of Revelation
• Knowledge of the Barrier established by Conn is revealed to Rh’Tea at large; Gods may not pass through into The Heart

55, The Year of Understanding
• Zadra, the Lady of the Mind, establishes Drom’s Wall and begins to ward off the White Plague
• The Children of the Mind are established

56, The Year of the White Plague
• Kavat’na, the White Plague, a White Dracolich formerly an avatar of Tiamat, establishes her kingdom and begins to change her landscape into the Great Ice Floes

62, The Year of Ice’s Melting
• Zadra locates and uses the White Orb of Dragonkind to establish a permanent blockade against the White Plague

69, The Year of Mechanical Wonder
• The Mechanus, Maelstratus, takes control of Gondradel, the great volcano
• The First King of the Stone Dwarves is corrupted by the Mechanus and the Pyramid Dwarves are created

997, The Year of The Enemy
• A Rift arises within the Barrier and an Old God of unnamed origin threatens to open Rh’Tea once more to the touch of the Gods
• The Blooded Queen is slain by The Enemy

998, The Year of Shadow’s Shadow
• The Shadowmistress is slain, but first creates a secret pathway into the Shadowfell called the Shadow Portal in what is now known as the Barrowlands

999, The Year of the Black Legion’s Loss
• The High King takes the officers of the Black legion into the Shadow Portal leaving behind their banner; the group is able to seal off the rift in the Barrier and cuts The Enemy off from his power

1000, The Year of the Sacred Vigil
• The High King Conn begins his permanent Watch against future Rifts in the Barrier and is never physically seen again

1001, The Year of the Scattering’s Beginning
• The time known as the Scattering begins and the remnants of the Empire fall, spread out, and create a various kingdoms

1034, The Year That Chaos Reigned Supreme
• No longer bound to the High King, the Marshall General of the Empire, Ashardalon, reverts to his old evil
• The Luna’rhem are corrupted entirely and follow Ashardalon in a war against the sundered Empire

1044, The Year of Banishment
• Ashardalon and the Hellsworn Legion are banished to the Primordial Chaos for their treachery
• The few Luna’rhem who escape this punishment do so by binding in a dark pact with a creature from the Shadowfell and forming the Tower of the Night

1050, The Year of the Black Company
• The former Black Legion establishes itself as a mercenary band known as the Black Company and begins traversing Rh’Tea with the Banner

1057, The Year of the Hundred Battles
• The Crimson Legion’s remnants fight against one another over the city of Connen until nothing stands but a ruins. The leader takes up the Crimson Banner and claims the Ruins as his own

1070, The Year of the Gold Road
• The Gold Legion follows a Warforged Diviner named Varys into the Barrowlands and establishes a watch on the Material Plane

1074, The Year of Ghostly Terror
• Zadra takes command of the White Legion and forges them into her military force; they become known as the Ghost Legion due to their hatred of the Undead

1201, The Year of Returned Heroes
• The arrival of the Godslayers, Yarice, Vazaeryn, and Lucian Nailo (Sway)

1202, The Year of Understanding
• Yarice, the Phoenix Lord, creates Crystal-Keeping, a form of psionic memory keeping that remains to this day
• Lucian Nailo (Sway) creates the Soulbreaker Technique and becomes able to destroy Gods

1203, The Year of Cogs and Wheels
• The Trio defeat the Mechanus, Maelstratus, in his own home
• Vazaeryn begins recreating the Warforged Race and stores the knowledge of how to accomplish this feat in a tower in Aricia that will later become the College of Magic

1205, The Year of the Shadow King
• The Godslayers locate and forge anew the Black Company under the Black Banner in defense of Khymer’s Rest
• The Shadow King arises pretending to be Conn Returned and gathers a dark army
• The Tarrasque awakens at behest of the Shadow King and is slain by the Godslayers and the Black Company

1210, The Year of Establishment
• Yarice, the Phoenix Lord, establishes the Rule of Law within what will become Aricia and vanishes, promising to return
• The Metropolis of Nexus is created and the Dragon Cores forged; Air Ship travel becomes a reality
• The Jeweled Cities are formed between the Five merchant cities along the southwestern coast known as the Fingers

1214, The Year of Endless Snow
• The White Plague, Kavat’na, increases her power with the Orb of Red Dragonkind
• Zadra, the Queen of the Mind, engages in full scale war with the White Plague
• The Chosen of Chaos, a group of heroes around Aricia, rise up in defense of Aricia and the surrounding land and attempt to defeat the White Plague

1215, The Year of Chaos Ascending
• The Chosen of Chaos discover the plot to return the General Ashardalon and his Hellsworn Legion
• The Chosen convince the Kaovish’rhem (Chaos Elves), twisted Luna’rhem changed by their time in the Primordial Chaos, to fight the White Plague
• Ashardalon engages in battle with the White Plague, destroying her

1216, The Year of Betrayal, Secrecy, and Lies
• It is revealed that the entire war between the Dragons was created as a ruse by an Old God, Mendax, the God of Lies, Secrecy, and Murder in order to allow him to slip past the Barrier and into this realm
• Lord Aldorel Grissom, the Red King Risen, takes command of the Crimson Legion and establishes New Connen atop the ruins of the old city
• General Sartorius of the Ghost Legion manages to find the Red Orb of Dragonkind and believes he can rival his consort, Zadra, in her power; his attempted coup leaves him destroyed and the Ghost Legion is torn asunder
• The Children of the Mind become the sole power within Dromman

1217, The Year of the Godswar
• Mendax weakens the Barrier that prevents the Old Gods from returning; before they are able to push through, the Heroes of this Age band together with Ashardalon and take the power for themselves
• The New Gods are created
• Elora becomes the Queen of the Keladr’rhem (the Wild Elves)
• Yarice, the Phoenix Lord, sends a clone into the Shadowfell to aid Conn against the Old Gods
• Vazaeryn, the Warforged Artificer, creates a legion of Warforged to fight against Mendax’s armies, but is never heard from again

1218, The Year of Damnation’s End
• The Godswar ends when the Chosen of Chaos and the Godslayers find Dydd’s Stake, an artifact capable of binding a god’s power, and stake Mendax, banishing him from Rh’Tea
• The New Gods give up their power to Conn in order to strengthen the Barrier anew
• Conn, the High King, remains within the Shadowfell staring into the Abyss of the Barrier patiently awaiting the day he will be tested again

1421, The Year of Rising Tides
• The Red King Risen solidifies power in the City of New Connen and is close to establishing what may become a Second Empire
• Aetheric Technology is discovered at the Atwood Academy, though few are capable of understanding its practice
• Zadra, the Living Goddess of the Mind, establishes a new Ghost Legion under the control of the Children of the Mind (an Inquisition) and begins patrolling the borders of Dromman seeking out threats of Undeath and Arcane magic
• For the past two hundred years, many adventuring bands and mercenary companies begin calling themselves the Black Company and seek out the Banner and the Annals; it becomes so common that there can be dozens of “Black Companies” or other groups with various names at any given time

1427, The Year of Awakening Magic
• Elora, Queen of the Keladr’rhem, steps down for her daughter, the Flameheart, on the advice of Master Kacper Arne of the Black Company
• A Shadow City has arisen over the Barrowlands; after much inquiry, it is discovered that the city has been crafted from the torn remains of Gondradel, the Volcano; the top was torn asunder and flipped, floating in mid-air
• Aricia is in Civil War; a Lord, Duke Aramakis, has unified an army of Gnolls, Goblins, and Slaadi, alongside certain nobles and threatened to take control; he presses Khymer’s Rest and is laying siege to Phoenix Hold
• It is widely believed that Conn, the High King and Undefeated, may be attracting mortals into the Shadowfell to serve him; a group of creatures calling themselves the Shadar-Kai have been seen in Rh’Tea claiming to be his servants

A Timeline of Rh'Tea

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