Rh’Tea – The Eternal Heart of the Multiverse [D&D 4.0]

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The Vault of Katan - Game 1


Game 1: Formation of the Company

WOrds will go here.

Formation of the three brothers and Takara Orren.

Saving Takara from the Gnolls and the Green Slaadi.
REtrieval of the Journal of Gendan.

From the Journal of Kacper Arne

INecklace of Fireballs- A limited use item based on unwieldy primitive technology. Has the benefit of a self-contained spell trigger but an altogether inefficient use of Aether.

The Journal of Gendan- A curiosity. The book radiates no possessive aether but the text remains garbled even with aetheric assistance. The runes inscribed appear similar to Dwarven and the few Gigantic writings I have seen but I am unable to discern any context and little of the vocabulary. This item begs for more study. I shall attempt to transcribe the text but I feel that the untouchable magic will intercept my attempt. Exciting.

From the Journal of Kacper Arne: On the Subject of Consumption

There is in Golden Brook a sense that those who do not consume the flesh of animals are in some way superior to those who do. The consumption of plant matter for sustenance is largely seen as being far more progressive and natural.

Those who consume animals are typically seen as backward or povertius. Surely the privileged, moneyed class need not stoop to killing for sustenance.

Though the idea is pretentious and lousey with self-entitlement, it is not without merit. It would appear to a casual observer that plant matter should be an intelligent being’s preferred food source. Due to that apparent lack of mental faculties of a layman’s experience with plants. I can assure you that plant intelligence is a very real thing, and I know several intelligent plants who would earn to speak on the subject, at great length, whether you want them to or not.

It should be noted that one of the most vocal opponents of consumption of plants is someone I would consider a faithful friend. A treant druid of some consequence. Although it should be noted that said unnamed druid is himself carnivorous, his digestion so primitive that he may only sustain himself on animal flesh. The irony of his position is lost upon him and one would do quite poorly to call attention to his lapse.

Myself, I prefer to consume only those foods that have been created from Aether itself. I feel that this provides for my biological needs without need for suffering. Though, I must frequently amended my pact to consume both plant and animal as my situation demands. And further, what great mind am I to assume that the Aether itself is complacent in my actions? Could jt not have it’s own viable consciousness?

A Message Within the Vault

Do not speak. I am your companion Kacper Arne. I have means to commune with you that I believe should draw little attention. You must find your own way to respond. Trust that I will be vigilant at all times for your communiqué.

This is how I feel I must communicate with you for now. And I must insist that you all comport yourselves in an equally clandestine manner. Do not speak of our intentions aloud. I am specifically concerned with Ms. Takara Orren. You will be silent on all matters discussed in this manner or I will personally expel you from this structure.

That aside, I have come to understand that we are under supervision. I must assume that this small prestidigitation is beneath the notice of those who would do us harm but I cannot be sure. For now I must assume that this is our best option to evade that surveillance.

You have all comported yourselves beyond my expectations. That being said I would offer my critique if you would have it.

Adalblander, you must step out from your own shadow. If this Company is to succeed, it will be under your regein. Not mine. You have untold talent to lead us. You must force yourself to greatness. We will surely fall short under my leadership alone.

Tamara, you have shown yourself to be an incredibly capable individual. But warfare has a long history of grinding individuals into worthless dust. You must refine you raw power into indefensible technique. I have a game that we played at the academy, I will teach you and, if you were to steel yourself to these teachings you may become a great leader.

I will leave you all to your recuperation, but please heed my words.

-Yours in all hardship, Master Kacper Arne

From the Journal of Kacper Arne

What great heroes can we be to leave a people in bondage to advance our goals? We have found within the vault a smattering of people held under thrall by either a dragon/possible avatar or his beholder servant.

Tactically, we must leave these poor souls in bond. Even those who shall surly die within days. If we could move this populace to a safe location, I would sacrifice not just my life but that of Montgomery and all of my compatriots. But our deaths would do these poor souls no good. We must press forward and cleanse this land of its detestable invaders.

The being who engrandures himself monarch on this temple has offended me. I find it difficult to maintain objectivity in his presence. Though I have no empirical evidence of any wrongdoing on his part, i must admit that I seek his death.

I must find a way to ascertain his motive. I cannot accept pure Evil. There must be some possibility of redemption for this …. sludge.

From the Journal of Kacper Arne: The Company

In some parts the name of the the Black Company has become something of a hallmark of brutal vigilantes and soldiers of circumstances. As I know of it, the Company began as a sort of high risk/high reward commando group in the service of the Conn. Depending upon the works studied, they were everything from a shiningshining [why does my qetheric servant insist upon this useless doubling of my words? I must rectify this at conveinience] beacon of hope for those put upon by the works of evil to a highly skilled strike force who massacred those who would dare stand against Himself.

Prefect Vazrathz spoke of stories from his youth as an Ice Giant raider. Stories of a demigod who ground the southern lands beneath his heel. And oh how those young orcs pounded their chests and crowed that even such a man avoided their territory. (Even as their shaman burnt offerings and prayed for his mortal favor) That the utter desolace of their homeland provided no beneficial resource was of no matter. This man, this god to some, never in all his campaigns stepped one foot into the mountains south of Golden Brook evidenced enough that their god feared them and saw them as equals.

To this day there are some willfully primitive factions of the clan I happen to be a half member of due to my mother’s marriage to Minister Boland (most of the clan consider me an illegitimate of a concubine, some consider me a stain upon the Minister’s honor) that would gleefully regale you in their own way of the obviously incorrect notion the Boland is a direct son of Conn. (It should be noted that my stepfather is of orcish and elven decent withnot a drop of human blood within him, as well that Himself is not known to appear in any reliable record for some hundred years predate the birth of the good minister)

Alas, from those halcyon days when great heroes suckled upon the very teat of the High King the Company has fallen. To most civilized sovereigns the name of the Company denotes at best a stout and worthwhle force of person providing an invaluable service at great risk to themselves, but for the benefit of all. And, at worst, (and sadly worlds more common) a destitute smattering of useless thugs who are cheaper to bribe and buy off than to muster an army and expell from one’s territory.

If A is to succeed in his dhak’ro he must not only make his company a true force for good. He must revive the spirit of the elder Blacks. He must form these simple, frightened men into a bulwark against evil and hatred. And most of all Fear.

The Vault of Katan

The Vault of Katan Encounters

The Darkfang Crocodile

Demonfang crocodile


The Shadowmaul Goblin Clan – Aetheric Swamp Goblins

Aetheric swamp goblins


The Gauth (Baby Beholder)



Grinkle, the Dwarven Psion and the Safe Room



Dread Wraith Orovak and the Bulette

Dread wraith orovak



Minotaurs and the Goblin Necromancer


Goblin necromancer


Poison Gas Trap Room

Gas chamber


Stone Dwarves, Queen Shephatiah, Guardian of Granite and the Hidden High Priest

Stone dwarves

Queen shephatiah  guardian of granite

Hidden high priest rhudun


Senzorja, the Aetheric Enhanced Beholder and the Eyeball Swarms

Senzorja  aetheric enhaned beholder

Eyeball swarm


The Aetheric Portal and Takara’s Vision of the Multiverse

Aetheric portal

Rh tea  heart of the multiverse


Katan, Lord of Granite

Katan  lord of granite


Kearidonshilar the Cunning

Copper dragon widescreen wallpaper wallpapers hunt.com

Copper in disguise

From the Journal of Kacper Arne: First Impressions

This man, barely past a boy, is huge.

Tall, handsome, and wide of stature. He could rival some Orgish (half elf half orc) in pure physicality.

Raw and young but with keen eyes that are not typical of those of his physical attributes. This young man moves with a grace and confidence that readily escapes trained warriors twice his age.

He is a leader. In a different time he could be a legend, and he may well become so in this faltering age.

My kinsman must accept him immediately. Though at this time Adlblandr has little choice in those we shall bring into our fellowship. We are somewhat “thin” within our ranks.

If he is true, he may lead our company to salvation. If not, he shall be a terrible beast to put down.


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