The Belt of True Nobility


One of a few dozen items created by Yarice’s ally, the Warforged Evoker Vaelstraz, at Yarice’s behest. The Phoenix Lord gifted the belts to his most trusted allies who eventually became the Lords and Dukes of the leadership council. Each belt inspired leadership to grow and develop into true loyalty.

Erechea of House Ulunstead has gifted the fallen house’s Belt to Adalbrand for saving her remaining people. Erechea will likely tenfold into another noble house.


The belts of True Nobility grant a +3 Bonus to the wearer’s leadership score. In addition, they allow the wearer to “mark” targets during combat. Any target within 5’ for every 4 levels the character has may be considered marked. If they attack anyone besides the wearer they suffer 1d6 dmg/5 levels of the wearer and get a -1 penalty to attacks.


The Belt of True Nobility

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