Items of the Black Company


Item Set: Heirlooms of the Black Company

Heirlooms of the Black Company
13 One-Eye’s Drum – Drum of Panic (Uncommon)
13+ The Captain’s Blade – Captain’s Weapon (Rare)
14+ Goblin’s Spell Book – Manual of Expansive Learning (Special) (Rare)
XX The Annals of the Black Company (see below) (Artifact)
XX The Banner of the Black Company
XX The Sergeant’s Blade – Frost Brand Weapon (Rare)
XX Silent’s ??
3+ The Physician’s Cloak – Cloak of the Chirurgeon (Uncommon)
XX The Standard Bearer’s Defense (Armor) -
17 Raven’s Stone – Slaying Stone of Kiris Dahn (as modified – see Kyle’s sheet) (Rare)

Heirlooms of the Black Company Benefits

Pieces Benefits

Each ally who wears or wields an item from this set gains an item bonus to Diplomacy or Intimidate checks equal to the number of allies who wear or wield one or more items from this set (maximum +5 until 21st level, then no maximum).

Whenever a you or an ally spends a healing surge (in the same encounter) all individuals gain temporary hit points equal to the number of items in the set currently possessed. Additionally, once per character per encounter, anytime an individual wearing an item from the set would spend a healing surge, an ally may expend their healing surge instead.

Each ally who bears an item from this set gains a bonus to death saving throws equal to the number of allies who bear one or more items from this set (maximum +5).

When all items of the set belong to the Black Company and are worn or utilized, all enhancement bonuses of items from the set are increased by one.

Annals of the black company

The Annals of the Black Company

These books represent the accumulated knowledge of centuries of the Black Company’s journeys. Each book is written by a different Annalist (some Annalists were around for more than one) and the languages throughout vary in style and dialect. One of the beneficial aspects of the Annals, however, is that when an Annalist is chosen and written into the Book of Contracts, that individual gains the ability to read all of the Annals as if he or she were fluent in all the languages.

The Annals come with a bag similar to a Heward’s Handy Haversack that is capable of holding only books of the Black Company, but in any quantity. There is always at least one blank book for a new Annalist to begin his or her work upon.

Possession of the Annals grants anyone capable of studying them (able to read the languages therein) a +2 bonus to any skill check that could be conceivably associated with the Black Company’s long history. The bonus goes to +4 for any History check associated with the Black Company. In addition, any roll of natural 20 grants 2 successes instead of one for any skill roll or challenge.

There are two special books within the Annals of the Black Company: The Book of Contracts and The Sergeant’s Guidebook. Each are listed below.

Note: Once an Annalist has been chosen, a new one may not be chosen until the death of that Annalist or his promotion to Lieutenant or Captain.

The Book of Contracts
This book is solidly bound in iron with a key that only the Annalist can use (once he or she has been assigned). The book has a shifting first page that lists the Officers of the Black Company (traditionally listed below, but able to be altered). The next pages list the names, origin cities, and close boon companions of every Bound Member of the Black Company. It is the Annalist’s job to ensure that each member’s death (time, means, etc) is recorded within the Book of Contracts.

Once an individual has been inscribed in the Book of Contracts as either an Officer or a Bound Member, they are required to receive a stipend from any Contract assigned by the book. In addition, they may receive death pay to their boon companion, and severance pay should they choose to honorably leave the company. These benefits do not extend to any hired mercenaries not written within the pages of the book.

Any Bound Member of the Black Company gains the benefits of the Book of Contracts’ current Company Feat. The Officers, upon inscribing their names within the book, may choose from the following feats:

Tribal Feat Options (Choose one for all Bound Members to gain):
– Bloodied Spear
– Courageous Heart
– Enduring Mountain
– Fearsome Host
– Swift Jaguar
– Watchful Owl

Finally, the Book of Contracts allows for any contract recorded by the Black Company to be magically enforced. All members of the Company are bound by a signed contract which must be written using the blood of the combined officers and at least one individual with which the contract is being signed. Breach of contract is a serious offense to the Bound Members of the Company. Should a written contract be voided by the Black Company, each member will suffer the loss of 5 hit points and a healing surge each day that cannot be regained in any way. The Officers of the Company may forgo this penalty to all Bound Members by taking double the penalty upon themselves. Once the Officers are dead, the penalty ends. It should be noted that the signed party not within the Company does not suffer this effect. The penalty to any individual or group that breaches a contract with the Black Company is more social and, potentially, damaging in the extreme. Anyone known to have violated a contract held in good standing with the Black Company receives a -6 penalty to all social skill rolls for the remainder of their lifetime. In addition, it is unusual for the Black Company not to finish their contract and then immediately destroy any individuals who violated their good standing.

Note: Traditional Ranks of the Officers of the Black Company are as follows:

  • The Captain
  • The Lieutenant
  • The Annalist
  • The Sergeant
  • The Physician
  • The Standard-Bearer
  • The Wizards (traditionally 1-5)

The Sergeant’s Guidebook
After a Sergeant is assigned to the Black Company, the Sergeant’s Guidebook may be utilized. One week’s training and reading of the book is required by both the Sergeant and the intended recipient (the Sergeant only has to read the book once). Each individual is required to produce 500gp worth of magical components to the book to fuel its ability (this cost is usually paid by the Bound Member, unless the Sergeant or Officers are instilling upon them a medal or award for valor). During that time, the Sergeant trains according to the book and may instill a unique benefit to an Officer or Bound Member of the Company as listed below:
– Officer: May increase one ability score by 1, permanently. This may only occur once. The Officer may also gain the benefit of the Bound Member trait, though he must pay for it as well.
– Bound Member: May gain free Skill Training in any one skill, permanently. This may only occur once. If the member wishes, they may instead gain any 3 languages.

Goblin s spellbook

Goblin’s Spellbook

This book appears as a semi-bound dirty book, falling apart at the seams, pages barely held within the cover and stained in some unknown grease or slime. An image of a crazed and smiling goblin stick figure appears on the cover, crudely drawn.

This spellbook functions as a Manual of Expansive Learning with additional benefits (see below).

The book has each of the listed rituals within its pages. 1/month, a random ritual within (roll 1d20) will fall out of the book in the form of a Ritual Scroll.

Rituals: (1) Silent Image, (2) Embalm, (3) Fool’s Gold, (4) Shatter, (5) Thorough Search, (6) Duplicate, (7) Reduce Beast, (8) Hallucinatory Terrain, (9) Giggle Gas, (10) Conceal Object, (11) Banish Illusions, (12) Shadow Walk, (13) Hallucinatory Creature (12), (14) Masking Shroud, (15) Create Teleportation Circle, (16) Summon Demon, (17) Endure Primordial Elements, (18) Guards and Wards, (19) Teleport Catcher, (20) Overland Flight

One eye s drum

One-Eye’s Horrid Drum

This drum is functionally a Drum of Panic, specifically created by one of the Company Wizards named One-Eye out of the skin of their enemies. The drum functions as listed with one addition: the user may, once per day, designate any single attack power as having the Fear keyword.
[In the possession of Erich Vord]

The sergeant s blade

The Sergeant’s Blade

[In the possession of Lord Echo, the Hanged Man]

Raven s arrow

Raven’s Stone

[See Kyle’s Character Sheet]


Items of the Black Company

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