Takara Orren

Chaos Elf, Rogue, Thief


She’s going to sneaky-sneaky and phuck you up. That is all that you need to worry about.


Red dreads



Takara Orren is a Chaos Elf. She came through the portal along with her parents, following the red dragon when she was just a young child. Although she remembers very little of her life on the other side, the transition over to this lusher, greener world known as remains vivid even 130 years later. Battles were common after the move and life was hectic for the group and her family. After a year of bloody battles, both of Takara’s parents were dead and she was stranded in a large city.

Living on the street and only looking out for herself, she scrounging for food and shelter. She was lost in the shuffle of people and forgotten by her kind who were too busy off warring to worry about one orphan. Takara was soon caught and put to work by a local gang of thugs who forced street urchins to beg for money. Every day she had to hide her shame and beg each person who passed for money or food without success, as no one wanted to help a chaos elf. So instead, Takara had to learn how to steal in order to not be beaten at night by the gang leaders when she came home empty handed.

Eventually, she saved up enough money to escape. She hoarded what she could from stealing, hiding it beneath a loose board, until she had what she thought would be enough to survive out on her own. At night, Takara snuck out to a larger neighboring city where she was able to steal to support herself, living for years in a small room above a tavern hall.

One day she attempted to steal from the wrong person. The older man had appeared an easy target, with one leg and seeming lost in thought, but he caught her by the scruff of her hair quick as lightning when he felt Takara lifting his spyglass. After looking at the grimy young girl, he had a moment of pity and took her in under the wing. The accomplished rogue named Merit spent years teaching her what he knew, or used to know. As a former dungeon crawler, he was unable to count his many raids, but now old and missing a leg he was unable to be of much use to anyone. He spent his last years teaching Takara how to use magical items, how to appraise jewels and treasure, and perfecting her already proficient sleight of hand skills. They enjoyed one another’s company and he grew to be like a father or grandfather to her over the many years that passed.

But Merit was human and could not help Takara with developing her elven skills, nor could he offer advice or console her as during her later childhood years as she morphed and grew, the chaos elf blood changing her inside and out. She screamed for days in her room, clutching her arms close to her body as scars like flames laced up her arms and wrapped around her neck. She discovered on her own the ability to teleport, or what she affectionately called “bampff-ing.” With no other elf as a reference point for learning, she had to practice daily in order to even become marginally skilled at it. She was never able to master it completely, as every once in a while, if she was not concentrating hard enough, the chaos takes over and Takara will bampff to an undesired point. However, this has not made her more wary of using the skill – instead, this minor flaw continues to be a draw for her to use it and push her skill to the limit. Takara enjoys the chaotic nature of her gift, reveling in the knowledge that she might teleport to an unexpected place, such as a tree top or into mid-air.

Merit died while Takara was in her thirties during a bugbear attack. Takara was so saddened and enraged at the loss of her only friend that she tracked down and killed every bugbear in the local area, dragging in the pelts to sell at the market. This earned her the title of “Takara the Bearkiller” and also solidified her as a member of the community. She was then asked to complete small tasks and hunts for the city, tracking down criminals for a bounty and locating lost or stolen items.


Due to her harsh upbringing in the city, Takara developed an odd trust relationship with strangers that depends heavily on their class and appearance. She prefers fighers and rangers (and of course rogues) above all other classes, and is quicker to trust them than any other class member. She likes smart, simple people who are rough in appearance, and is generally wary of all upper class and nobility. This may be due to the fact that those classes were generally the least likely to help her as a child begging, and they also tended to be the most upset when they caught her stealing. Takara also does not really like other elves, but will work with them if she needs to.

Currently, Tamara comes across as a very grimy person. She has long red dreadlocks that are heavily matted but otherwise free of debris. Her skin is grey, with large eyes matching her skin. She is always seen wearing her tall, red leather boots and never seems to take them off unless she is sleeping. Fully grown, she towers over most women at six feet, and appears very willowy, but shoulder heavy. She walks with a feline grace that makes some men turn for a second glance, but when confronted with such a serious face they quickly turn back around and continue on. Takara wears tight, studded armor inherited from Merit that is glamored to change at her whim, but she normally keeps it set as a dark red, tarnished leather, with many overlapping slats of studs with small dents in the leather. She carries a small pack around her shoulders with two short swords cross across her back. The sheaths are attached under the pack to the leather of the satchel so that one sticks out on the top and one on the opposite bottom side near her hip. She has multiple daggers tucked around on her person that are visible making the casual viewer to consider her dangerous – but leading the more careful observer to understand that there must be many tucked out of site as well. Nothing on her is shiny. Nothing. She is dark and dirty everywhere, although she is not filthy – just unpolished.

For all of her harsh appearance, Takara has a heart of gold when it comes to small children and wounded or abandoned things. A large part of the money that she steals and treasure that she locates she donates to the street urchin in the cities, specifically Nexus. Although she does not follow their religions, she will give money to paladins and temples know for helping the poor in the city or housing any children within its ranks.

Unfortunately, Takara has a compulsion – sometimes she can not stop herself from stealing. She may be in a tavern, a temple, or even on the street and see something that she must have. Specifically, these items do not have to be expensive – it is not the appraised value that draws her – rather the personal value. Once, there was a man walking down the street with the look of a prince: he had his cape thrown over one shoulder, new leather boots on his feet that were too fine for the mud, and a jewel on every finger. Takara noticed that he had a small pouch tied to his belt (looped through the buckle) that he pawed and caressed mindlessly. Every few steps he reached down to confirm that the velvety pouch was still there.
When she snuck up beside him and slit the bottom of the small sack, she quickly palmed the items that fell out and sped off down the closest alley way. It was only later in her room that she was able to investigate the items and, laughing, wonder at their sacredness to the man: a small marble, a red hawk feather, and a long clipping of braided brown hair.

Takara keeps most of the stolen “sacred” items that she steals, only selling the uninteresting ones. Inside of her bag of holding she has a small drag string sachet containing the most precious odds and ends that she has collected over the years. As someone growing up with nothing, she had nothing to cherish as her own nor special to her for a long time in her life. To compensate, Takara steals others’ cherished items and learns to love them as her own, assuming incorrectly that since they meant to much to their previous owners that the items must be worthy of her love as well.

Takara Orren

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