Rh’Tea – The Eternal Heart of the Multiverse [D&D 4.0]

Vignettes - Player Stories


Tip of the Iceberg: Glaciaddas

A man with a soul of ice stood staring out a window.

It was unnatural with a view of vistas beyond this world. On the other side of the mystical glass, the roiling, tumultuous waves of the Primordial Chaos rose and fell, crashing against one another. Deep within that storm of fire and ice, earth and water, lightning struck and lava flows streamed across a land that must surely be uninhabitable. Must it not?

Schlag stared hard with his hands behind his back straining to see…something more in that chaotic place. He had come from there, or, at least some portion of his blood derived from the rimefire ice of that horrific realm. Behind the Swordmage the rest of the Black Company investigated the Forge of Flamewall Tower for a way down into the bowels of the keep. Schlag would join them soon, but right now…

“I feel it too, my friend.” The soothing voice, so full of life and light, alerted Schlag to Auden’s presence. The Genasi looked over his shoulder with furrowed brow, then back into the Primordial flows.

“You told me that the Kaovish’rhem, Takara’s People, once lived in this place for over 200 years. How could anyone, much less an entire civilization, survive in that horror?” Schlag’s voice was calm, but intent, demanding an answer.

“The Chaos is similar to the Aether, my friend. Things that should not be within its realm simply…are. The Chaos Elves went in and latched on to the Great General Ashardalon, or I fear they would never have survived such danger.” The cleric stood next to the Genasi, his skin a perfect layer of the very Aether of which he spoke. His stoic expression showed that he was considering the matter deeply.

Schlag sighed deeply. “We should stop wasting time. We will have to go in there soon, but now is not the time.” Without a further word, the Swordmage turned and began to help with the preparations to lower into King Suranar’s Fabrication Chamber.

Auden watched the pandemonium on the other side of that mystic glass for moments longer. He felt it, the connection from something of great power within that place and two of his friends. Both Takara and the Genasi, Schlag, would draw something…dangerous to the rest of them.

Auden just wish he knew what it was.

On the other side of the glass, the tip of a glacier rose high into the air as if pushed from below by a giant hand. Waves of lava burned away rime and ancient ice and harsh bolts of lightning shattered away excess snow. Slowly, with the inexorable motion of time, the ancient being known as Glaciaddas rose. The Titan of Frost, the last remaining and father of his kind, rose up and bellowed out a blizzard of awesome destruction.

Mountains blew away, earth froze and cracked; fire winked out and the ever-flowing lava ceased its motion. The great Frost Titan stood up from his eternal slumber and he felt…a connection. Turning, turning, slow and sure, his massive eye settled upon the scrying portal into his realm and he looked for the first time in ages.

There. That was it. That was the one…the one who carried his frozen blood.

“Come, my child. Bring to me your heart of ice. Bring to me your cold fire and still passions and perhaps, just perhaps, you will have the power to draw me once more from this realm. Perhaps…just perhaps, the Giants of Frost will be reborn.”

The echoing laughter was lost amid the roar of thunder, but within the stifling heat of Flamewall Tower, the Genasi of Wind and Ice felt in his spine a bone-shaking chill.



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