Rh’Tea – The Eternal Heart of the Multiverse [D&D 4.0]

From the Journal of Kacper Arne: The Equation

The Equation represents the birth of the Scientific Method in Rh’tea. It is a logical mathematic formula that seeks to codify nonphysical magical phenomena into a structure of relatively simple rules. The early development of the Equation represents Rh’tea’s first forays into higher mathematics.

It began with a hermetic contemporary of Faarlung retreating into the wild of Goldenbrook 200 some odd years ago. This mysterious individual’s very existence is a matter of some debate as all work ascribed to him comes via his early students who braved the wild isolation and viscous Ice Giants Tribe of the time in what would become Goldenbrook. Those same apprentices founded both Brookhaven Estate and the Grayson School. But it is recorded that the Teacher (as he is referred) requested his students keep his location and identity a secret to all but a few promising students.

The Equation is in it’s essence an unfinished representation of every possible application of what is now called the Aether, albeit distilled into a form which is recognizable to a finite mind.

Generations of aetherically capable individuals have spent uncounted (though surely countable if one were so inclined) man hours refining The Equation over the years with periodic advancements from time to time. The most notable of which to the modern eye would be the development of the Aetheric Matrix which appears to provide a framework of sorts to support the unfathomable energies of what appears to be the very center of all possible existence, The Heart of the Multiverse.

To say that The Equation is central to the society of Goldenbrook would suffice when speaking to a layman unaccustomed to the studies of the academies. But it is more than that. It is the center of everything. Not so much a glue that holds fast the form of existence apart from the Elemental Chaos, but even the power that gives the Chaos its very form.

Many (most in fact) seek knowledge of The Equation but for the raw power that even simple proficiency of its concepts provides. I myself have always found aptitude in manipulation of the various minutiae of Aether working within the minds and essence of living beings, most of which have little recourse if I choose to impose my will upon them.

Others find an easier path for the Aether in other ways. Master Vazrathaz finds little difficulty in simply forcing a being’s biological function to cease. Oftentimes several beings at a glance.

But a little spoken of but widely understood fact is that for all of our supposed power to the eyes of the uninitiated, we understand nothing of the Aether. In a statistical model our collective understanding falls well within a typical margin of error. We are but insignificant to one possessed of a true understanding of Aether (itself sometimes considered but a facet of The Equation).

But we must strive on. For with every note of knowledge that we attain, we advance the lot of all within our reach. And our reach is far beyond that which most would recognize.


Magic represented as a mathematical formula to be worked out in part and parcel; I like this view of magic’s function. It is a paradigm shift – instead of viewing magic as a thing to be worshipped and prayed for, or “channelled” from the earth or ley lines, or “taken” from powerful beings and pacts, it is a way to manipulate using logic and reason.

All are paradigm shifts of how to operate magic in the world.


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