Rh’Tea – The Eternal Heart of the Multiverse [D&D 4.0]

A Message Within the Vault

Do not speak. I am your companion Kacper Arne. I have means to commune with you that I believe should draw little attention. You must find your own way to respond. Trust that I will be vigilant at all times for your communiqué.

This is how I feel I must communicate with you for now. And I must insist that you all comport yourselves in an equally clandestine manner. Do not speak of our intentions aloud. I am specifically concerned with Ms. Takara Orren. You will be silent on all matters discussed in this manner or I will personally expel you from this structure.

That aside, I have come to understand that we are under supervision. I must assume that this small prestidigitation is beneath the notice of those who would do us harm but I cannot be sure. For now I must assume that this is our best option to evade that surveillance.

You have all comported yourselves beyond my expectations. That being said I would offer my critique if you would have it.

Adalblander, you must step out from your own shadow. If this Company is to succeed, it will be under your regein. Not mine. You have untold talent to lead us. You must force yourself to greatness. We will surely fall short under my leadership alone.

Tamara, you have shown yourself to be an incredibly capable individual. But warfare has a long history of grinding individuals into worthless dust. You must refine you raw power into indefensible technique. I have a game that we played at the academy, I will teach you and, if you were to steel yourself to these teachings you may become a great leader.

I will leave you all to your recuperation, but please heed my words.

-Yours in all hardship, Master Kacper Arne



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